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Dating Advice for Introverted Men and Dating Coaching

Date: 2018-01-10 01:44

Unfortunately, many people don 8767 t fully understand what it means to be an introvert. They equate introversion with shyness, depression, or social anxiety. When introverts go quiet, we are wrongly accused of being stuck up, angry, or disinterested. And when we spend time alone, we are often accused of being antisocial or selfish.

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you can try recording yourself. I also have a really fast thought process. I have found that it feels as if i am talking to myself, and the first time will feel weird, but the ideas start flowing naturally after a while 🙂

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I’m thinking this extorverted introvert is an ambivert.

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Introverts may also take longer to make decisions than extroverts. They tend to do more research, which can slow down progress.

I am so glad I found this article when I did coz I had begun to wonder if maybe I was the one with the issue. it’s liberating to know it’s a personality trait and that I shouldn’t apologize for shutting down when I do..coz for us it’s a coping mechanism, right? thank you so much for this article

I love this discussion! I tend to gravitate toward friends who are introverts, so I haven 8767 t really had an extrovert tell me what it 8767 s like to be friends with an introvert. We all need to be understanding of each other 8767 s needs and differences.

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Could you share sources?

I am a confident introvert I have no social anxieties or fears. I recognize what I need when I need it, whether it’s socializing or being alone. I think the baseline for introversion is simply that we need time alone more than we need time with others. Any phobias…like hiding when someone comes to the door or not being able to answer the phone…or anxieties have nothing to do with introversion. Those are entirely different things and are not caused by inborn introversion.

Well no, the American culture is an extroverted ideal. We 8767 re starting to bring awareness to introverts, but there 8767 s clearly no pressure for extroverts to be introverted as there is the other way around.

This article describes me completely, and while i dont know if that is a good thing, im just so thrilled to discover that i’m not alone in this.
For so long i felt there was something wrong with me. I couldn’t keep friends because i didn’t have the energy to host them or hangout whenever they wanted. I always preferred my space, my time and my own company and they just couldn’t understand that.
And in a crowded place, i would rather just listen and make mental notes, and speak only when spoken to. At some point i felt it was an inferiority issue but now i see its just my personality.

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