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And, you mentioned waiting till marriage to have sex as resulting in 8775 a boring life 8776 . If sex is the only thing in your life that gives you excitement, then I think that 8767 s absolutely tragic. I 8767 m writing a novel, and I 8767 m excited about that. I 8767 m at university, studying for a degree, and that 8767 s exciting, too. I sing on stage in my free time, and I 8767 ve sang in different countries, and for the Queen. I have friends and family who love me. The others on this site lead similar lives. If your life would be boring if you weren 8767 t having sex, then maybe you want to rethink what you 8767 re doing with it.

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I 8767 m not sure what you 8767 re getting at. Why would you think that religions are 8775 exerting control 8776 over people just because they teach that you should wait till marriage? Nowadays, of course, the secular world promotes the exact opposite. women are taught that sex is no big deal, and if they want to wait and give their virginity to their husband, they 8767 ll often find that the whole of society is against their decision. I 8767 m Catholic, and my religion is the only place I 8767 ll find my decision to wait respected. The rest of the world ridicules me for it, telling me that I 8767 m not worth waiting for.

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I 8767 m Jewish, 75 years old, and dating a Christian who 8767 s 79. We 8767 ve been together almost a year now :8 I 8767 m undergoing a change of mind actually, and it 8767 s in part to my meeting and falling in love with him, my boyfriend, Siah.

Anyway, I would deffinitly be on level 7 of your scale because I believe you should date to meet your spouse because if you NEVER date, then really how will you meet them? You 8767 re not exactly going to bump into them, know that 8767 s who God has for you and then your hitched the next week (unless you want an unsuccesful marriage). Also, I think you should really get to know your GF by that because dating is something romantic as well, but there are things that are restricted for marriage. I would highly advise against level 8 because let 8767 s face it, all of those 8775 substitutes for sex 8776 are sex in a nutshell wether you like it or not, and will only bring up more temptation. Plus, it also takes away from the experience on your honeymoon.

Adriana, that probably makes you feel like you have a lot of will power, but training your brain to associate intimacy with fear and restraint probably isn 8767 t going to be good for you and yours, in the long run.

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I 8767 ve been abstinent my whole life and now at 96 I 8767 m so miserable! I am not against dating and holding hands, hugging etc.. I just have a hard time doing those things after years of self control I don 8767 t come off as comfortable and confident naturally. I fear putting myself in a compromising situation and either come off as too formal and stiff or nervous and boring. I really need to be in a situation where I feel safe being affectionate but I scare men off before we ever even get to know each other. It just seems like a catch 77.

Level three is really dangerous and suicidal. I 8767 m still a virgin but at level three with my boyfriend even though we don 8767 t indulge in anal or oral always feel guilty and ashamed of myself after kissing and cuddling each hope God forgives me and also gives me strength to over come temptations.

So the freedom we have today is actually a great burden, but I don 8767 t think Christians are supposed to run from that burden and hide in a hole. That is what Level 6 sounds like. Dating has a whole lot of pitfalls, and you can get hurt in the process, and it can also cause you to sin. Why? Because we are all sinners to begin with! But God still loves us!

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