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Date: 2018-01-13 10:28

Not only a good looking actor, he actually also knows how to play the piano. Let&rsquo s not forget how even more handsome he looks when dressed in a suit.

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In his exchanges with the president, he carefully selected his words and took mental notes, after which he wrote down his recollections.

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Fenway 8767 s green fur has faded and is now the color he 8767 s supposed to be. “This is a ray of sunshine to land right in his lap,” says Liam’s father, Jeff Mcgourty.

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Pauline explains the green fur, “Within the placenta the mother has some bile and from what I understand it leaks into the sac and kind of dyes his coat.”

If one were a child, one might go for the weather-forecast interpretation – because what child wants it to rain on his or her parade? If one were an adult with full knowledge of the president 8767 s pre-political history and the common sense of an investigator, one might reasonably conclude that the hoper-in-chief was making a strong suggestion, the ignoring of which could have dead-horse-in-your-bed consequences.

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Mastermind has a lot of beautiful actresses he&rsquo s close friends with so we decided to do a bit of matchmaking between him and some of the actresses we know.

In his testimony, Comey further revealed that he personally had leaked his memos, again to the benighted media via a Columbia University law professor and friend. Comey said he was concerned that Trump might lie about their discussions and other details leading up to his firing.

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