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Date: 2018-01-08 08:17

You’ll never have to endure that “I missed the bus even though I ran” walk of shame on campus again. NTU may have its fair share of bus arrival apps, but this bot lets you check bus timings without ever having to close the chatbox on your Tele-homies. Simply start the bot and you’ll instantly receive a map with segmented colours.

Singaporean developer Pontiac Land wins sandstone

Bots are third-party applications that run within the Telegram app. You can interact with bots by sending them commands and they’ll reply with exactly what you need. Just like chatting with a knowledgeable friend.

Singaporean newspaper under fire over Muslim cleric's

The streets of Hongdae will be like a breath of fresh air! With street music playing in the background, this vibrant shopping district is a unique place for you to have your couple photoshoot.

Singapore-style teaching helps solve problem of maths

Release your inner-child and have a ball of a time at an abandoned amusement park in Korea. With most of the facilities still intact, you can use them as props for your photoshoot!

CB is also known as "Chio Bu", a Hokkien phrase which means actually means buxom lady. In the Singaporean context however, it is the guys' favourite phrase to describe the presence of an attractive girl.

The app is easy game even for the most tech unsavvy. Simply paste the link and corresponding timestamps in. Since Telegram supports GIFs, you can also forward the GIF directly to friends!

For humanity lion has been an icon for thousands of years, appearing in cultures across Asia, Africa and Europe. Despite the fact that this cat is known for attacks on humans, it has always enjoyed a positive portrayal in various cultures as a strong but a noble beast. They are commonly referred to as 8775 king of jungle 8776 or 8775 king of beasts 8776 hence, they have been a popular symbol of royalty and stateliness, as well as a symbol of bravery these animals have featured in several fables of the sixth century BC Greek storyteller Aesop .

Take this opportunity to appreciate art in urban environments. The street art will add a pop of colour to your photos and you can be comical and casual when you pose with them!

A study, by UCL Institute of Education and Cambridge University, shows that children who were taught through the Singaporean “maths mastery” approach learn faster than their classmates - making, on average, an extra month of progress in a calendar year.

Scott, the co-founder of OneThreeOneFour , loves travelling and nature. Experiencing local sights and cultures (the people and the food!) are what he takes delight in. His free hours are spent geeking over the latest tech development.

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