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Date: 2018-01-08 23:33

Im with a married man, they been seperated for 5 years & I didnt know about the marriage until months after getting involved with him. I love him but its always in the back of my mind, I feel like im sharing him with another woman & itsnot even like that thats just how I feel. They havent done anything for a divorce & idk when they will. If I would have known this before I got caught up I would hav never got involved. I just feel disrespected in a way he says its just a piece of paper but to me a marriage is more than that. They have a kid together too but so do we its just very frustrating because i feel like I will never have that title with him no matter how special he makes me feel.

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We exchanged I love yous very early on in July/August. And then we had a bit of a misunderstanding and I just can 8767 t say I love you again for fear of it blowing up in my face. I guess deep down I have this fear of losing him when he 8767 s not legally mine to begin with. Silly I know. I have strong feelings for him. I love deeply when I do. I commit strongly. Recently I made a huge mistake voicing my concerns about him not filing the papers or getting his wife 8767 s things out of his house. It was more his mother complaining to me about the things being in the house that spurred me to confront him. I felt absolutely horrible for saying anything. I know with him, he does things on his own time. When he says he is going to do xyz he does it.

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He 8767 s still pretty early in the process, which makes him risky. Only time will tell if he can give you what you need, Katherine.

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I 8767 m actually on the other side of this. My ex and I have been separated for a a few months now, however I met a girl and I really like her. I 8767 ve been up front and honest with her about everything that she 8767 s asked, even going so far as to offer to have her confirm everything with the ex.

Hi I 8767 ve been waiting for my divorce to be finalized is a year now, so. I like to know if I can date since we were not involved me and my husband 9yrs now, the problem is he is still Ín the house , but I feel am ready. To meet someone , Thank u

Thanks for stopping in and commenting. It sounds like you 8767 re taking things slow and thinking about what you 8767 re doing, which is great. Divorce isn 8767 t easy, for sure, and dating during divorce is tough, but it can be done with success. Good luck to you.

Hi Manri,
Do you have advice for chatting date who lives in other country who I never met before? Met him on facebook and It is really going well.
But sometimes my gut feeling said How do I know this person is real?

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