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Date: 2018-01-10 03:55

Do you know how to save this game ? Whenever I save it 8767 s appear a dialogue with \??\ Anyone here can help me ?
And I don 8767 t understand with that \Save Location\ it did 8767 nt save it ? SO Can anyone tell me ?

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No one knows why certain people suffer in certain ways. However, this much is certain: for whatever reason that suffering does occur, God does not burden people with more than they can bear. No one can explain why adversity visited this couple, but for whatever reason that it happened, they had already achieved enough strength to bear it.

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If this is only temporary or it 8767 s just like this only for me, then sorry for bugging you, if not pls fix it. Thanks.


Ok so i thought i had it working because i changed the system locale and everything but when the english menu pops up three seconds later it crashes and i cant play. So can someone tell me what im doing wrong?

That was all I did and it worked just fine for me. I have Windows 65 with my location still set to USA with English as the only language.
If you are still having issues try setting your location to Japan and Language on your computer to Japanese.

You don 8767 t open the patch files, but extract them to the folder with the game and replace the original files with them.

I downloaded all 8 parts and it let me play through part 6 up to getting gnome but when i went to open part 7 and start playing through it (in the separate downloaded set) it says the file is corrupted i tried redownloading twice but nothing happened someone tell me why im stupid please?

google text fix for harem party or koihime or this they all use same text just find a link for the font download and install you should be good ^.^

There are many games like those.
If you 8767 re looking for RPG then check out: Rance 7, Brave Soul and Lightning Warrior Raidy ( 6 and 7 ) or Kingdom.
There are even more strategic one, to name a few: Utawarerumono (this one is actually my favourite of all games posted on this site), Tears to Tiara, Men at Work 7,Aselia the Eternal, Sengoku Rance, Daibanchou, Castle Fantasia 7 and some other

Good rpg game. Very kinky but only has voices for a handful of characters out of like 55 and they are only voiced in the ero scenes. This game is also incomplete and seems to be divided into 8775 chapters 8776 . Waiting for chapter 7.

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