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Date: 2018-01-11 08:17

brother, since God is all powerful, cant he just send one revelation that can be applicable to any human regardless of any era????? That is the case with Vedas, it was applicable to humans back then, and to humans right now. And please stop using the silly example of a teacher and a student since teacher is not ALL POWERFUL as God.

Kathakali Dance – Classical Dance of Kerala, History

listen, Zakir Naik has been challenged by Arya Samaj millions of times, its Naik that is running away from debating us, if you dont believe me, google search 8775 zakir naik challenged by arya 8776 you will see so many links, and by the way, Pandit Mahendra Pal Arya already debated two of the core IRF members and Peace Tv leaders, you can view the debate on youtube as well, where he left both IRF members speechless, just youtube search 8775 islam vs arya samaj debate 8776

Tulu Language: Its Script and Dialects by Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

There is NOTHING called as Muslim friend of non muslims. That 8767 s NOT possible. Muslims dont have NON Muslim friends and they won 8767 t. You must use their tactic on themselves. Unless you reply them in their own language, nothing is going to happen. Visit Ali Sina website and also the false prophet co cc website. If they show you 6 BEVAKUFI, you must show them 655. Unfortunately, there are 68 crore muslims in IND else we would have killed those evil men.

WTFPL — Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License

Aw, this was an incredibly nice post. Spending some time and actual effort to generate a very good article… but what can I say… I put things off a lot and never seem to get
anything done.

I appeal to all my lost friends IRF, Dr Zakir Naik, his friends and his followers   to explore the real praiseworthy, the real Narashansah in the Vedas, the Ishwar and reject false prophecies. Such falsehood can only trap you in your own mistaken notions in same way as this falsehood has trapped you logically without any room for escape.

if the path is right it must stand the trial of reason and logic and the inherent human values within us that separate our species for instinctive animals.

Your comment on 8775 The 65 chaplets or necklaces 8776 where you mentioned that all the prophets of Islam where born in deserts are also not true. I should enlighten you with the fact that Hazrat Adam (peace be upon him) was sent on earth in the present Sri Lanka and his & his children 8767 s tombs and foot prints there.

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IRF team is advised to consult the Vedic experts to understand the hidden treasures and deep essence of Vedic mantras and come back to their original roots, rejecting the falsehood.

The enemies’ defeat in the conquest of Makkah is mentioned in Atharvaveda book 75 Hymn 76 verse no 9:

In my state muslims HIDE their muslim identity, due to inferiority complex, they just use their surnames, not their first names.
Talk of inferirrity complex.

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